Why Is The Tesla Model S The Most Popular Full Size Luxury Sedan



Why is the Tesla Model S the most popular full size luxury sedan

“Luxury is a state of mind.” – L’Wren Scott

Traveling is something none of us can get away from, even if we become millionaires. Although with money, you can add a much-needed luxury to your travel. The Tesla Model S is the personification of luxury; the car will embody you with all the comfort in the world. A car can only be classified as the best full size luxury sedan if it gives you the comfort of a sofa in a moving car. And the Tesla Model S comes very close to being qualified as the best full size luxury sedan. Let us have a look at some of the frequently asked questions about Tesla Model S:

When should I buy the Tesla Model S?

  • Your sedan/existing car is a more than 5 years old.
  • You wish to upgrade to a new and electric sedan.
  • If you love driving an electric or an alternative-fuel vehicle.
  • If you are looking for a car with the power of a sports car and the luxury of a sedan.

Is the Tesla Model S a good car?
Following are some points that help the Tesla Model S in qualifying as a good car.

  • Never ages – The car was launched in 2013 and even after having completed four years in the market, it continues to be as revolutionary as it was in its early days. This time span has not been able to take this car away from qualifying towards being the best full size luxury sedan.
  • Power – The Tesla Model S is an electric car; it has a 100 kWh battery with an all-wheel drive, a 588 horsepower and a 920 lb-ft torque. This power is enough for you to leave most sedans behind in a drag.
  • Comfort – The car comes with a noise cancellation system that evades you from all the external sounds, giving you a serene ride. You can choose a premium interior décor for the car including carbon fiber.
  • Spacious interior – The Tesla Model S can seat five people (including the driver) comfortably. There are two rear-facing seats (for children) at the back that can be used, if required. The car comes with heated seats as well as a heated steering.
  • Enhanced autopilot – The car has an enhanced autopilot mode with four cameras that improve the accuracy and redundancy. The four cameras allow a view of the fast-approaching cars from the opposite lanes. The car also has 12 ultrasonic sensors to enhance the view and coverage.

How much will the Tesla Model S cost me?

  • The Tesla Model S starts at a base price of $69,500, while the top model (P100D) in this category costs $134,500. The Tesla, being an electronic car, is slightly more expensive than the rest of the cars in its category.
  • As for the maintenance cost, the average spend on a Tesla Model S is approximately $6500 to $7000.

Can I bank on the performance?

  • The Tesla Model S 100D ranks close to being the best full size luxury sedan and is included in the top 10 luxury sedans largely because of the comfort it provides, but another important factor its battery range.
  • The Tesla Model S 100D is said to have the best battery range in the entire category. The car reaches a speed for 60 mph in only 2.5 seconds as reported by the car company.

How safe and reliable is this car?

  • The Tesla Model S is packed with a collision avoidance system as well as an automatic emergency braking system.
  • The side mirrors are auto-dimming, heated, as well as power-folding.
  • The headlights are three-position dynamic LED lights that enhance night-time visibility; it also has LED fog lights.
  • The car comes with a 8-year, infinite mile battery, and drive unit warranty or a 4 year, 50,000 mile limited warranty.

What options do I have with the Tesla Model S?
The car comes in three models:

  • 75D
  • 100D
  • P100D

Please note that all the above specifications are for the Tesla Model S P100D as it comes closest to being the best full size luxury sedan.


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