Tips For Getting Discounted Airfares For Seniors



Tips for getting discounted airfares for seniors
After a life of hard work, seniors wish to spend time on their own, traveling, spending time meeting old friends, and relaxing. They can plan a visit to meet family and friends or go away on a vacation, exploring a new city or town, or even venture out on an adventurous expedition. Such aspects make the second innings of life exciting for seniors, and it becomes better when one gets discounted bus tours and airfares, making traveling inexpensive.

Here we will tell you how and where you will find discounts while planning a tour for senior citizens.

Do seniors get travel discounts?

  • A perk of growing old is the various discounts that become available.
  • Often, travelers above the age of 65 get discounts on air tickets, hotel room rates, tours, and even sightseeing destinations.
  • However, special rates or discounts are not provided by every airline to seniors.
  • But that doesn’t mean one cannot avail travel discounts as a senior.

Which flights offer discounts on airfares to senior citizens?

Despite the fact that not all airlines offer discounted rates to seniors, there are quite some airlines that do. Below is a list of airlines you can consider if you are looking for discounted flight tickets for seniors:

  • American Airlines– This airline along with its partner American Eagle provide a discount on airfares for seniors who are 65 years of age or over. However, these discounted rates are applicable to only their domestic flights.
  • Southwest Airlines– This airline offers excellent and extensive programs for seniors who are 65 years of age or older. Special fares at a discounted rate are offered to seniors for domestic as well as international destinations. The tickets can be booked online or on the phone. Senior travelers have to go through Southwest Airlines’ “age verification” that is available on their official website. Through this verifications, seniors can get quicker services at the airport along with an early check-in option. If a senior has not completed the age verification online requires providing a proof of age at the airport.
  • British Airways– Although British Airways does not offer a discount directly to the senior citizens, it does offer a discount of up to approximately $200 to the AARP members. The discounts for AARP members include around $65 off on economy fares on the World Traveller, about $130 off on premium economy fare on the World Traveller Plus, and approximately $200 off on business and first-class fares on the Club World. However, these discounts are limited to only the American citizens flying from the country and they cannot combine them with other deals.

How to find cheap fares?

  • Many airlines have regular fares that are cheaper than senior fares.
  • You can find fares from low-cost airlines if there are no discounts for seniors.
  • Sign-up for airline newsletters, deal alerts, etc. to get access to cheap fares for seniors.
  • Be ready to be flexible in changing your travel dates, if need be.
  • Be sure you know about the fees the airline charges for food, checked-in baggage, etc.
  • Buying senior travel fare may cost more but can be used to get last minute travel deals.
  • These fares are refundable if the trip is cancelled.
  • Always check details before buying a flight ticket. Details like restrictions, baggage rules, etc. are important to know of before traveling.

What are some of the factors to consider before booking discounted flight tickets for seniors?

  • There are many online websites offering discounted fares, but it is better if you check on the airline website for the discounts for seniors.
  • Many budget carriers are expanding. But, they do not offer discounts as the prices are already very low.
  • It is important to compare costs using website filters before choosing an airline.
  • Book early as the cheaper seats are gone faster.
  • It is always better to get help from travel agents as it is their specialty. There are agents who specialize in booking travel flights for seniors. They also can find good last-minute travel deals keeping in mind your unique needs and interests.
  • Many tours offer senior citizens discounts for domestic and international flights. However, the rates are subject to change.
  • Discounts are offered on prices that are published.
  • Many of these discounts are offered only on the net.
  • The discount will not be available for the companions and may not be refundable with many airlines.
  • These tickets need to be booked within a certain period of time to avail the discount.
  • Always ask if the discounts are available on the route you are taking.

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