Things You Need To Know Before Buying Car Insurance In Washington



Things to know before buying car insurance in Washington

Buying the most comprehensive car insurance policy can be as tedious as buying a new car. There are a plethora of features and aspects of insurance that you need to consider so that you don’t end up paying for the expenses of damages or repair (if any) from your own pocket. This article will help you find the best car insurance quotes in Washington and other states and will provide you with tips for buying them.

What are the different types of car insurance?

Based on the coverage, here are four main types of car insurance that you can buy in Washington and other states:

Comprehensive: This type of insurance covers a vehicle’s repairs and replacements when it is damaged by causes other than an accident with another vehicle. It usually covers for damages caused by animals and other natural disasters.
Collision coverage: It covers for damages and repairs incurred due to a collision with another car or if the car hits a lamp post, traffic signal etc.
Personal injury protection: It also called “no-fault” coverage and it is required in some states. It covers medical expenses of the policyholders and other passengers of the car involved in the accident.
Gap insurance: One of the most common types of insurance bought across the country, gap policies cover for expenses in the event of a car theft.

Are there separate car insurance policies for commercial drivers in Washington?

Yes, commercial drivers who employ their vehicles for ride-hailing services also require car insurance.

They get covered for liability when the insured person is using the vehicle for ride-hailing services.
It also pays for collision and comprehensive coverage in case of damage to the car while it is being used for commercial purposes.
Some insurance providers offer hybrid insurance where they cover for damage incurred due to accidents or natural calamities.
However, when the car is not being used for ride-hailing or other commercial services, then the insurance agency will only provide personal policy cover for the car.

Which are the best car insurance companies in Washington?

Following are some of the best insurance companies offering car insurance quotes in Washington.

Country Financial: This insurance company offers car insurance quotes in 17 states including Washington. It offers bundled policies for college graduates, defensive drivers, engaged couples, and multiple vehicles.
Mutual of Enumclaw: This Washington-based car insurance company offers discounted insurance quotes for mature drivers (over 55 years), multiple vehicles, and AAA drivers among many others.
Grange Insurance group: This Seattle-based insurance company is a mutual insurance company founded in 1984 and offers car insurance quotes in Washington and other western states. It offers discounts for bundled policies, accident-free driving record, completion of senior driver improvement course, and multiple vehicles.
Oregon Mutual: It is one of the oldest car insurance companies based in Mississippi. It offers car insurance quotes in states like Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, and California. The car insurance company offers discounts for customer loyalty, bundled policies, and safe driving.

How to get the best estimate for your car insurance?

If you are planning to buy a new car and car insurance for it, these tips will help you get the best and cheapest estimates.

Narrow down the top choices of your vehicle. Expensive cars come with an expensive car insurance.
Decide the level of coverage required. Try to merge both collision and comprehensive insurance as it will cover expenses from all types of damage.
If you are residing in Washington state, get quotes from the top Washington car insurance companies and compare which agency offers you the most comprehensive coverage.
Get an average estimate of the insurance agencies offering the lowest deductibles.


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