Things To Consider Before Buying A Computer Tablet



Things to consider before buying a computer tablet

Tablets are a popular and efficient computing device; they are lightweight and portable, not to mention highly functional. Some of the premium variants could cost more than what you might pay for a traditional desktop, but these are worth it as they can also outperform these bulky systems in many ways.

You may use a computer tablet purely for entertainment purposes or need one to work on-the-go; irrespective of the purpose, you must consider the following points before making a purchase .

Does size matter when it comes to computer tablets?

  • One of the main reasons of the popularity of computer tablets over laptops is better portability.
  • The tablet screen size in most cases is half of your laptop display making it a compact computing device.
  • If you are buying a tablet purely for playing games or watching movies, the screen size makes a big difference in terms of entertainment value. It is, however, recommended to buy a computer tablet having a screen size ranging between 10 and 12 inches.
  • The screen size will also affect the resolution as premium variants offer a pixel density of 359 pixels per inch that generates a sharp high definition image.

How does the user interface of a computer tablet compare to other computing devices?

  • If you are used to typing on a standard size keyboard, it will take some time for you to adjust to the touch input interface on the tablet.
  • If you’re looking to buy a computer tablet, you should ensure to check out the input method that is available on the one you’ve chosen, and if possible, ask for a demo before buying.
  • Always check to see if the gesture controls are responsive and you are comfortable using the device.
  • Some premium variants of computer tablets also feature a 2-in-1 input system with both, a physical keyboard and touch input.

Is storage one of the essential factors to look for in a computer tablet?

  • The central processor, inbuilt memory, and internal storage are factors that collectively affect the performance of the device.
  • Limited internal storage and memory will force the system to crash and reboot as it cannot handle too many applications at once.
  • When you have the option of unlimited downloads, having sufficient storage space will make all the difference.
  • Note that a major portion of the internal storage is reserved for the operating system and in-built applications.
  • Taking this into account, always buy a computer tablet with a minimum internal storage capacity of 256GB.
  • Also, ensure to note that basic tablets cannot handle heavy-duty editing and graphic design software. For this purpose, tablets like the Apple iPad and Microsoft Surface Pro are specifically designed to provide the required computing power. These are premium variants that offer more than 256GB of internal storage.

Do computer tablets offer good connectivity?

  • Connectivity is one of the main factors that separates a tablet from laptops.
  • Tablets have an advantage over laptops as you can insert a sim card in the device to connect to wireless mobile networks.
  • Most premium tablet brands offer support for cellular data networks on a 4G-enabled device.
  • Monthly broadband plans are also available at affordable rates across popular network providers.
  • Before buying a computer tablet, make sure it has all the necessary ports with support for the additional peripherals as well.

Do computer tablets offer a decent battery life?

  • Tablets have low power requirements owing to the small size of the components that comprise the complete hardware.
  • Most computer tablets across popular brands can be used for one full day on a single charge.

How much will a basic computer tablet cost?

  • Price is one of the most important and deciding factors when it comes to buying tablets.
  • Note that the build quality, type of components used, and more importantly, the brand value will collectively influence the sales price.
  • The Amazon Fire HD is one of the cheapest computer tablets that can be bought for less than $80.

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