Things To Consider Before Buying All-In-One Computers



Things to consider before buying all-in-one computers

Apple Computers have developed some of the most popular all-in-one computing systems, a proof of which is the iMac series. Many computer manufacturers have since then come up with different concepts for all-in-one computers to mark their stand in the competitive tech market. The technical specifications for such computers will vary depending on the hardware and software configuration used by popular brands.

Asus, Dell, Microsoft, HP, and Lenovo are among the popular brands that manufacture some of the best all-in-one computers. You can compare reviews and find the right make and model across popular all-in-one desktop computers available for sale online.

What is the difference between all-in-one computers and traditional desktops?

  • An all-in-one computer is just a compact version of a traditional desktop. However, the main difference is that the components that make up the module are assembled at the back of your monitor; this eliminates the need for a separate central processing unit.
  • All-in-one computers save space and are easy to transport from one room to another owing to the compact and ergonomic design.
  • The design for all-in-one computers will differ substantially depending on the brand for the display and central unit components.
  • All-in-one computers, however, do generate heat and consume more power in comparison to traditional desktops.
  • All-in-one computers only require a single power outlet and two of the basic input devices, a mouse and a keyboard. However, traditional desktops need additional cables and connectors for all the input devices, which are inbuilt in an all-in-one computer; this makes all-in-one computers a popular choice.
  • There are a few limitations when it comes to hardware upgrade for all-in-one computers. This is, however, not a pressing concern as all-in-one computers already have better memory modules, storage options, graphic, and sound card upgrades inbuilt.
  • Overall, all-in-one computers and traditional desktop both serve a similar purpose when it comes to computing technology.

What should be considered when buying all-in-one computers?

  • You must always go for a system that supports at least 8GB of memory for an Intel Core i5 or i7 7th generation processor.
  • Go for all-in-one computers that offer a combination of solid state drives (SSD) and removable hard drives of a capacity of up to 1TB to maximize storage options.
  • Always prefer all-in-one computers that feature 2K and 4K display resolution that is necessary to stream ultra-high definition content.
  • You must consider the overall design of an all-in-one computer and make necessary adjustments during installation to ensure a comfortable working experience.
  • Windows and macOS are the two popular choices that support an array of applications for all-in-one computers.
  • You must also check the number of ports and connector modules for external USB and flash devices.

Which is a better option between laptops and all-in-one computers?

  • There are a few differences when it comes to laptops and all-in-one computers as both are powerful computing systems.
  • However, screen size is one of the biggest advantages of an all-in-one computer in comparison to laptops.
  • While most laptops offer a 17-inch or smaller display, all-in-one computers feature up to 27-inch ultra HD retina displays.
  • Premium all-in-one computers with basic hardware and software configuration will cost you at least $750 or more.
  • Note that the prices will vary depending on the product software and hardware configuration, not to mention the brand you plan to buy.
  • Overall, it has been noticed that all-in-one computers are a popular choice over laptops in terms of performance and ease of use.

Which are the best all-in-one computers one can buy in 2018?

  • The brand and inherent features will mainly influence the price of an all-in-one computer.
  • You can buy the Lenovo IdeaCentre AIO 910 that offers support for a 4K resolution featuring a massive 27-inch display for approximately $1,249.99.
  • The Microsoft Surface Studio is a great all-in-one computer that features a touch and stylus input on a massive 28-inch display powered by Nvidia graphics; you can buy this computer for around $4,319.
  • Apple iMac Pro is one of the best all-in-one computers with Retina display powered by AMD Radeon Pro Vega 64 graphics; this is priced at approximately $4,499.
  • Apple iMac also features a 5K retina display and is an all-in-one computer that is best suited for photo and video editing; this computer is priced at just under $2,299.
  • The ASUS Zen AIO pro and Acer Aspire S 24 series are also among popular alternatives you can consider priced at around $1,799 and $876.50 respectively.

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