The New Dodge Barracuda



The New Dodge Barracuda
Any muscle car fanatic, young or old, is aware of the Plymouth Barracuda. Introduced in the 1960s and discontinued a decade later, Dodge has been reintroducing some of the classics now. This has given the young enthusiasts a chance to experience cars they had only heard of in lores. The Barracuda nevertheless is in a class of its own.

The Barracuda was not initially in the Dodge or FCA stable. It was owned by Plymouth, a brand of vehicles primarily based in the states that phased out in 2001. The Plymouth Barracuda became the first, unique “pony car.” A pony car is an affordable, compact car that boasts an overall performance and style. Many producers, like Ford, took notice and observed the same concept, however, the Barracuda was the first.

How is the structure of the New Dodge Barracuda?

  • Based on the information, the New Dodge Barracuda is a mid-sized muscle car.
  • However, it is going to be more modern and smaller in size as compared to the Challenger due to the current G platform on which this car is based.
  • Its rear wheel drive framework will be made from lightweight components mainly from aluminum which will be a different enhancement in the Barracuda’s brand new body.
  • Because of the low body weight the acceleration and total overall performance will increase considerably.

How is the Powertrain of the New Dodge Barracuda?

  • If Dodge goes forward with the plan of launching of its proposed new Barracuda version in the subsequent couple of years, you can expect the engine to be either a twin-turbo 3.8-liter V8 or a 6.2-liter supercharged Hemi engine that packs an outstanding 707 horsepower.
  • The latter engine is used on the 2015 Dodge Challenger and Dodge Charger models, so it emerges as the most likely candidate for the Barracuda.
  • The base engine is probably a 2.0-liter turbocharged powertrain that hits around 300 horsepower and 290 pound-feet of torque.
  • With the trend going on in the motor industry towards enhancing the fuel economy of vehicles, it is assured that the Barracuda will include a more fuel-efficient engine than you would normally get with a muscle car.

How is the inside cabin of the New Dodge Barracuda?

  • Even though the New Dodge Barracuda will be smaller, it might not necessarily offer less space inside the cabin.
  • Because of the new platform, the car will be capable of accommodating more than 4 people in perfect comfort.
  • The front seats can be mounted significantly lower than those in the current gen Challenger so one can feel a lot more like a pony-car than before.
  • This will also permit Dodge to free up space for the trunk so that the car may be as usable as before.

What will be the price of the new Dodge Barracuda?
It is better to assume the price of New Dodge Barracuda amongst $28,000 and $70,000 because of its best quality performance versions.

What’s new in the new Dodge Barracuda?

  • The latest Dodge Barracuda model brings together the modern features of Dodge vehicles and the legendary aesthetics of the Barracuda.
  • With the combination of the two, it’s a great design that manages to bring the best of both worlds and gives something that is more innovative.

What are the security features in new Dodge Barracuda?

  • The manufacturer has redesigned the security program which is helpful and provides comfort while driving.
  • You may find new safety bags, a rearview camera, grip and stability control, automobile parking assistance goods, seating straps, and additionally a whole lot of other safety features.

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