Rockauto – Serving Your Auto Needs



RockAuto – Serving your auto needs

RockAuto sells all types of auto parts right from mechanical parts brake pads and shock absorbers to body parts like bumpers and mirrors, door handles, carpets, and everything in between. Not to be confused with an auto repair shop, RockAuto is a store as there are no mechanics on their staff. They do have service manuals that help customers repair their vehicles and install the auto part themselves.

What brands does RockAuto sell auto parts of?
Some of the auto part brands sold by RockAuto are as follows:

  • A1 Cardone
  • AAE
  • ACC
  • Dave Graham
  • Coverlay
  • Chrysler

Every auto parts of have their own specific warranty period based on the type of auto part.

What kinds of auto parts are sold by RockAuto?
RockAuto sells a number of auto parts which include:

  • Brake calipers
  • Steering pump
  • Power brake boosters
  • Trunk floor covering
  • Spark plugs
  • Window regulator and motor assembly
  • Windshield and water pump
  • Clutch kit, transmission mount, and tail lamp assembly

Each auto part brand that RockAuto supplies, specializes in manufacturing a specific set of auto parts. For instance, RockAuto sells parts like window regulators, motor assembly manufactured by ACI. A1 Cardone, moreover, specializes in manufacturing caliper, steering pump, etc.

What are the warranty terms and conditions of RockAuto parts?

  • RockAuto states that like other auto part retailers, they do not offer any additional product warranty of their own.
  • They offer a warranty that is offered by the manufacturer of the auto part.
  • The warranty can be changed by the manufacturer without prior notice.
  • Warranties on commercial or off-road vehicles may be more limited when compared with private vehicles and cargo.

Does RockAuto offer gift certificates for auto parts?

  • RockAuto offers gift certificates for auto parts. You can navigate to the “RockAuto apparel and gifts” section under “tools and universal parts” to order a gift certificate when shopping for RockAuto parts online.
  • You are given the option to choose the amount or you can also make your own custom amount option. Select the mode you want to receive the certificate in—be it via email or paper—from the dropdown menu.
  • You can choose the denomination format and add it to the cart. You can thus select the amount of the gift certificate you wish to purchase.

How can you get RockAuto parts at cheaper prices?
There are a number of ways through which you can get RockAuto parts at comparatively cheaper price:

  • RockAuto offers gift certificates which you can buy from their official website. You can use these gift certificates to buy auto parts at lower prices.
  • Apart from these, there are websites that sell RockAuto parts coupons, some of the websites are,,,,,, etc.
  • The official website of RockAuto contains a tab for promotions and rebates that offer auto parts at reasonable prices.
  • Coupon deals such as availing a discount from 5% to 25% on a purchase of auto parts up to a particular amount and free shipping coupons are found on the above listed websites.
  • All of these coupons have a limited period offer and might not be applicable on every auto part.

What are the various tabs on RockAuto website?
There are 3 main tabs on the rock auto website:

  • Part catalog – The part catalog has a dropdown option for Car company name, its model, and the auto part that is present with them. All car company brands are arranged alphabetically.
  • Part number search – If you are specifically searching for an auto part from a specific manufacturer, the part number search tab will help you filter that auto part. This will be possible if you have the part number and the name of the manufacturer.
  • Tools and universal parts – This tab helps in buying those auto parts from the website that are commonly found in every automobile store. This tab also has a dropdown option of every section of automobile; this is also arranged alphabetically.

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