Reasons Why Ipad Pro Is Perfect For Work



Reasons why iPad Pro is perfect for work

The iPad Pro launched in 2017 by Apple Inc. came in three different sizes: 9.7 inches, 10.5 inches, and 12.9 inches. The year 2018 has seen one new launch of iPad Pro. The market share of Apple has witnessed a hit ever since the recent iPads have hit the stores. Despite the decline of the tablet market in the country, iPad Pro has managed to swell the sale figures of tablets manufactured by Apple Inc. Most users of iPad Pro have enjoyed working on their daily tasks and given positive reviews.

For whom iPad Pro is an ideal choice?

iPad Pro can be the right choice for anyone looking for a laptop on the go. There are numerous features that an iPad Pro has to offer that makes this device a perfect buy. People who need a device to work on everywhere they go can largely benefit from iPad Pro. Here are some professions that can make the most of an iPad Pro.

  • Writers– An idea for a script, poem, blog, or a story can come anywhere, even on a moving bus. It may not be possible to take a diary and a pen out while one is traveling; however, an iPad Pro is perfect to store all the write-ups and storyline ideas, notes, and more in one place. Writers can also use the iPencil to write in their handwriting or mark things while they read something.
  • Developers– The new iPad Pro can be a game changer for programmers. Having to carry their laptops everywhere can be a task that many programmers may dislike. Hence, the new iPad Pro can be an ideal choice for those who want a compatible device that is not too heavy to carry and is a delight to use for programming.
  • Designers– Most designers enjoy using iPad Pro for their work. The new iPencil makes their designing work much more easy and enjoyable. There are multiple applications available on the App Store that can be a delight to use with the Apple Pencil.

What’s new with the iPad Pro?

The new iPad Pro comes with many new hardware and software additions, which are shared below.

  • Keyboard– The full-size keyboard provides screen protection to the iPad screen. The detachable keyboard can be folded and unfolded when needed. There are no plugs, switches, or pairings required to connect the keyboard to the iPad as that happens through the smart connector. As soon as the keyboard is removed or detached, the on-screen iPad keyboard appears on the screen.
  • iPencil– Those looking for pixel-perfect precision will enjoy the versatile Apple Pencil that comes with the iPad. It can be used to jot down things, draw, sketch, and paint. It can be used as a cursor or a mouse to navigate through the tabs and select applications and options on the screen. The iPencil has many features in itself. It helps in building complex designs wherein detailing is necessary and important. It is an ideal tool for any artist.
  • Augmented reality– Today, everyone is well aware of the wonders of the invention of augmented reality; however, some people may be unaware of this technology’s presence in the new iPad Pro. The tablet comes with the augmented reality feature that can be used for simplifying unlimited tasks.

What are some of the best applications to use on the iPad Pro?

iPad Pro users can find innumerable applications from the App Store for their use. There are applications available for creativity, productivity, designing, writing, gaming, lifestyle, shopping, health and fitness, travel, social networking, news, photography, and more. However, some of the top applications everyone must have on their iPad Pro for work and creativity include the following:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Evernote
  • Pennultimate
  • Wunderlist
  • Parallels Access
  • Affinity Designer
  • Roambi Analytics
  • PDF Expert by Readdle
  • LiquidText
  • Scanner Pro
  • Paper
  • Workflow
  • Pythonista
  • iA Writer
  • Editorial
  • Google Docs
  • Fantastical 2
  • 1Password

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