Points To Remember While Buying The Latest Android Cell Phones



Here’s what you should know while buying latest android cell phones

Everyone looking to buy a smartphone would like to own the latest models of their favorite brand or phone. It is even better to get a good deal on the cell phone you wish to buy. However, you must keep a few things in mind before deciding to buy the latest Android cell phone. Read along to find out more on buying the latest Android cell phones.

Where can one buy the latest Android cell phones?

  • Android.com: The official Android website is probably the best place to buy the latest Android cell phones. The different brands that base their phones on this operating system have their products listed on the official Android website.
  • Department stores/websites: Stores like Best Buy and Costco have some of the best deals on the latest Android cell phones. They also have all the latest models from different brands with prices that might not be available at other buying options.
  • E-commerce websites: There is a very heavy dependence on e-commerce websites for making purchases these days, be it phones or computers. The dependency is due to the availability of various deals on products, and sales almost throughout the year.

How to get good deals on the latest Android cell phones?

  • Research: Conducting proper research before buying a new phone is the key to getting a good deal on the phone. You must consider at least two different options before making the purchase. Reading reviews is also a crucial step while researching for good deals on latest Android cell phones. There is a chance that you might get a hint about discounts from customer reviews or professional reviewers. If you follow a particular reviewer, you can also get discount codes from their posts.
  • Sale: A sale is one of the best ways to get discounts on any commodity. Look out for online sales, discount coupons, markdown on flagship products, sales at departmental stores, and seasonal sales like Black Friday to get good deals.

Which are the top websites to get reviews of the latest Android cell phones?

  • AndroidPIT: One of the most trustworthy websites for Android reviews, it has been in the industry for eight years. Apart from this, they also provide insights on apps, smartphone news, and comparison and buying tips for users.
  • PCMag: PCMag is one of the leading companies for reviews on technology and computing. They have independent as well as authority reviews for products. A panel of well-informed industry experts gives the customers comprehensive reviews, allowing them to make better buying decisions.
  • ZDNet: This is one of the leading reviewers which has been around for a good part of the last decade, and has global coverage. They provide readers with news, commentary, and detailed reviews on the latest Android cell phones as well as phones on other operating systems.

Which are the top brands for Android cell phones?

  • Google: A company that started off as a search engine is now a mammoth in the smartphone industry. Google phones are the most compatible phones with the Android operating system. It would be no exaggeration to say that their phones are also the best Android phones on the market. The Google Pixel XL and XL 2 are close competitors for leading phones like iPhone X.
  • Samsung: A brand that has its own style with Android phones, Samsung has been an industry leader over the past few years. Moreover, the brand has also adopted new upgrades and developments. The S pen has been a great success as the brand slowly moved towards primarily catering to the corporate audience.
  • Huawei: A brand that offers Android phones at an affordable price, Huawei phones have gained popularity over the past few years. Some of their models like the P20 Pro have outclassed many phones by top brands. They are one of the leading brands that offer flagship features at slightly lower prices.

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