Points To Consider Before Buying Cell Phone Plans For Seniors



Points to consider before buying cell phone plans for seniors

Many networks feature attractive combos specially customized for seniors, making the task of comparing these plans tedious and time-consuming. Instead, refer to these commonly answered questions to shop for the best and cheapest cell phone plans for seniors across popular network providers.

How to shop for cheap cell phone plans for seniors?

  • Bear in mind that seniors will not use their phones as often as young adults and teenagers.
  • Their usage needs will mostly be limited to the basics that include calling, texting, and limited data for occasional internet browsing.
  • Many network providers cater to these limited requirements for a fraction of the cost in comparison to regular cell phone plans.
  • Most users in their early sixties or seventies will also prefer to have basic cell phones for seniors that don’t have a complicated user interface.
  • You can also avail discounted cell phones and plans for seniors under the Lifeline Assistance program which is a government initiative to provide cheap cell phone plans for seniors.

Which are the popular network providers that offer the cheapest cell phone plans for seniors?

  • T-Mobile is a popular service that offers some of the cheapest pay-as-you-go prepaid cell phone plans for seniors with 30 minutes of calling or 30 text messages for just $3/month.
  • Prices for the handsets also start at $75, making it one of the best cell phones for seniors who need a basic device to stay in touch with their loved ones.
  • Seniors can also bring their own handset and avail the T-Mobile starter sim-kit at just $10 additional cost to enjoy limited but affordable calling and text services.
  • TracFone is a more expensive alternative that offers one of the best prepaid cell phone plans for seniors starting at $10/month for 30 minutes of calling or text.
  • AT&T phone plans for seniors feature a daily plan that offers a combination of talk and text with a $2/day plan.
  • Additional charges may be levied depending on the daily usage.

Which are the popular premium cell phone plans for seniors?

  • Jitterbug features one of the best plans for seniors who use their phones regularly with its low-cost monthly bundle priced at $14.99.
  • The $14.99/month plan includes 200 minutes of calling, and additional text and data can be availed for an extra $3 charge.
  • MetroPCS is another option for seniors that offers a decent combination of unlimited calling, text, and limited data at $30/month.
  • Seniors who are not interested in data usage but make frequent and long duration calls can benefit immensely with this $30/month plan that is a slightly more expensive option.
  • Consumer Cellular is an alternative that also provides a discount to AARP members in addition to the low price monthly call plan starting at $20 for 250 minutes of calling.
  • Seniors can also enjoy the unlimited texting option and an additional 250MB of data per month included in the price.
  • U.S. Mobile offers cheap cell phone plans for seniors with prices that start at less than $2.5/ month going upwards of $26/month for premium combos.

What are the points to consider while comparing cell phone deals for seniors?

  • Coverage is one of the most important factors to consider while comparing some of the best senior cell phone plans.
  • Limited and unlimited calling, text, and data plans for prepaid and postpaid connections will vary depending on the network coverage and availability in a particular area.
  • The type of handset will also make all the difference depending on how savvy seniors are when it comes to technology.
  • Handset options for high-end smartphones and basic senior cell phones are available across popular cell phone brands.
  • Lastly, the budget and the usage will determine the best type of plan for a senior.

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