How To Buy A Quality Used Car On A Low Budget



Buying a used car is an economical choice in situations such as buying a car for your kids, for beginner-level drivers, or if you are on a tight budget. However, buying the car is not an easy task as you need to aware about the car’s condition before investing in it. Following are some answers that can help you in purchasing a used car under $500.

Where can one find used cars under $500?

  • Online search
    There are many new websites that have a wide range of used cars available for sale. The user can also filter these lists on the basis of price, brand, model and manufacturing year. These filters make the car search easier.
  • Dealers
    Even after searching online, it is ideal to buy these cars from used car dealers near you. These dealers can give you a test drive as well as a better look and feel of the car. Some dealers also have attractive deals for used cars.
  • Ads
    Online and newspaper ads are other ways through which one can find used cars for sale. Through this medium, you are directly connected to the owner; this can save the extra fee you might pay while making the purchase from a dealer.

Which are the best used cars under one can buy under $500?

  • 1995 Toyota Celica ST
    This might be an older model than most other cars under $500, but it is a car that can still turn a few heads on the road. It is ideal if you are running a low-budget and wish to have a slightly fancy car.
  • 2004 Buick Regal LS
    One of the more potent cars in this category, the 2004 Buick Regal LS is a good choice among used cars under $500. It has high mileage, is safe on the road, and does not require much high maintenance, making it a good low-budget used car.
  • 1993 Dodge Dakota
    Getting a pickup truck under $500 can be tricky task. However, this pickup truck is an ideal choice as dodge is a trusted company. The miles run by the car and the condition is important while making the choice.

Which are the best companies that offer used cars under $500?

  • Chrysler
    One of the primary sellers of sedans and minivans, this company has a few old models that fight the under $500 criteria. The older models of minivans by Chrysler are exceedingly common among the list of used cars that are for sale under $500.
  • Buick
    A couple of cars by Buick are popular in the category of used cars under $500. Used Buick Centurys and LeSabres are available between $250 and $500. The condition of these cars usually depends on the miles it has covered.
  • Ford
    One of the most popular car manufacturers in the family car category, Ford has many cars that can fit your $500 budget. The Escort and Explorer are two models by Ford that are popular in this list.

Are there online websites to find used cars under $500?
Yes, there is a long list of online websites where you can find used cars under $500 for sale. Following are three popular examples you can choose from:

  • eBay Motors
    One of the leading players in the online market, eBay motors is the ideal place for you to find used cars. They have an attractive list of cars from different categories for you to choose from. Used cars under $500 can be easily found on this portal.
  • TrueCar
    This portal is popular as it reveals the manufacturer’s suggested retail price for a particular model of a car. If you are looking to buy a certain car, the website has a list of recent transactions giving you an idea of the price. This will give you a clear idea whether the car you are looking is under $500.
  • AutoTempest
    This portal is an aggregator of other popular websites with car listings. It picks the best listings from different websites and gives you an overall best list of used cars under $500. It diverts you to the online website once you click on a listing.

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