Here’s What You Should Know About Business Phones For Small Businesses



Here’s what you should know about business phones for small businesses

The lifeline of any business organization is its ability to communicate effectively with its customers. The organization can thrive only if it pays attention to its customers’ demands and addresses their grievances readily. Since communication is essential to ensure that your organization flourishes, business phones form an integral part of the system. Whether it is an established organization or a small business venture, it is imperative that you develop a regulated communication system in which business phones play a pivotal role.

Though a business phone is a must for small and established businesses, the emphasis here lies on the quality of services the business phone provider offers. You wouldn’t want to score low on customer satisfaction because you couldn’t address the customer’s issue as the phone line had a lot of disruptions. Therefore, simply choosing a business phone service because it is cheap isn’t feasible. The provider you choose should offer quality services at great prices so that your requirements are fulfilled. There are plenty of business phone services in the market that offer cheap and quality-oriented services.

If you have started a small business venture, there are certain things about business phones you need to know before you zero in on the right one. Read on to know more about business phones meant for small businesses and the best small business marketing phone deals.

Which are the different types of business phone services?

  • Traditionally, landlines were used by employees to communicate with their clients or customers. Landlines were a feasible option since the other options were too expensive. However, small businesses find landlines to be slightly expensive and restrictive, especially, when you have to travel to meet your client.
  • Other types of business phone services such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), on-premises, cloud-hosted, or completely virtual systems are being considered these days for business phones. These alternatives offer amazing services and are quite affordable as well. These business phones are quite cheap in comparison to the traditional landline services.

How does the VoIP system work?

  • Small businesses often opt for VoIP services since these are more effective than traditional landlines and are conducive to the stringent budget limitations. Instead of the copper wiring that accompanied landline phones, the VoIP systems function efficiently with a sturdy internet connection.
  • VoIP systems are quite hassle-free since all you have to do is tap into the existing internet connection that you use to get your business online. VoIP business phones are quite cheap since it works in conjunction with a cheaper and less bulky PBX equipment. Doing so helps small businesses access certain calling features which were actually beyond their budget constraints, such as automated attendants, conference calling, and call recording.

Where can one get affordable small business phone deals?

  • Small businesses cannot afford to spend a lot of money on business phones since they need the capital for expanding their business. Moreover, simply choosing a business phone service because it offers affordable services can prove detrimental to the business since cheap services aren’t always quality-oriented ones.
  • You can look for some of the best small business phone deals at Grasshopper, RingCentral, 3Jam, Onebox,, Freedom 800, and Google Voice. These are some of the business phone services that offer affordable yet commendable services.
  • The above-mentioned business phone service providers offer a plethora of services such as VoIP, voicemail, call forwarding, 3-way calling, conference calling, call following, web conferencing, voice transcription, voicemail to text or email, and toll-free numbers.

Which are the popular small business phone plans?

  • It is common knowledge that different business phone service providers offer different business phone deals, and you have to compare these small business phone plans before you decide which is the right one for you. There are various websites on the Internet that allow you to compare the small business phone plans offered by different business phone service providers.
  • One such affordable business phone plan is offered by Sprint, and this plan is known as Sprint Unlimited for Business. At $60/month, you get unlimited minutes, talk, and texts from the US to 180+ countries, 10GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot, and you can even get $650 per line if you switch from your current business phone service provider to Sprint.
  • T-Mobile also has an appealing offer that is beneficial for small businesses; at $70/month, you can reap the benefits of unlimited texts and calls and unlimited mobile hotspot at 3G speeds. This plan offers unlimited calling, data, and texts from the US to 180+ countries.

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