Here Are A Few Tips For Planning That Dream Vacation To Disney World



Here are a few tips for planning that dream vacation to Disney World

If you are planning to take your next trip to Disney World soon, we bet, you cannot be more excited. It is no surprise that most people dream of being at this holiday destination at least once in their lifetime. Founded in 1971, Disney World continues to draw many enthusiastic vacationers from all over the world. This kingdom is one of the most iconic productions in the world of theme entertainment.

In 1971, the Disney theme park housed the Magic Kingdom and two resort hotels; however, it has come a long way and it continues to grow greater in scope with each passing day. Surpassing the imagination of everybody, the park, today, encompasses 4 major Disney theme parks, water parks, golf courses, and many more excitement-igniting parks. Not just kids, but the older generation too can have the time of their life. However, planning a Disney World vacation and getting the cheapest Disney tickets can be extremely tricky. Disney theme park tickets come at an exorbitant price, after all, it is one of the most popular destinations in the world.

Before you take off to this amazing theme park, there are few things that you should about this world-famous Disney theme park.

How can you get the cheapest Disney tickets?

  • As with every other tourist location, it is best way to get the cheapest Disney tickets is to buy your tickets in advance.
  • Look up the official Disney World website and find out the current ticket fares that the park is charging.
  • The tickets at Disney park are cheaper when you add each day to your trip. However, consider your budget before deciding on the number of days that you want to spend at the park.
  • Look at other websites on the Internet, chance is that you will find ticket prices lesser than the official website if you are lucky. However, do buy tickets only from authorized Walt Disney ticket sellers or you may end up getting cheated.

What are the rules to be followed during a Disney World vacation trip?

  • The baggages that you carry to your trip will have to undergo a security screen check.
  • Every child below the age of 14 years has to be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • Any illegal substance, such as alcohol or tobacco, cannot be carried inside the park.
  • Well, you most definitely want to click pictures at the theme park. However, selfie sticks may not be allowed for good.

How can you make the best of your Disney theme park trip?

  • Decide on the parks that you want to visit depending on the time that your trip will last. This will let you enjoy the parks that you enjoy to the fullest. Ditch the parks that do not excite you as much, this will only waste your time and money.
  • Avoid doing one park for more than one day. One day is enough to explore and enjoy it to the fullest.
  • Avoid going to rides that you are not very keen about, instead opt for the ones that you really think you will enjoy. This will save your time.

Should you opt for stay at Disney theme park hotels?

  • There are several great on-site hotels that you can choose from. These hotels come with free transportation and also allow for early admission into the parks. However, they do come at a very high-price and beat the purpose of cheap Disney park theme tickets.
  • You can look for good hotels around the park that offer rooms and suites at much cheaper prices.
  • Do not opt for a room that is very far from Disney World or you will be spending much of your vacation time travelling in traffic.

The above nuggets of information will help you get the cheapest Disney tickets and have a dreamy holiday.


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