Four Queries To Select The Best Phone Plan For Your Business



Four queries to select the best phone plan for your business

There are a plethora of carriers offering different types of cell phone plans. Business phone plans are distinct plans designed for small and large businesses. Owners of these businesses can provide their employees with phones and carriers at affordable prices. If you already own a business with an active cell phone plan and are planning to switch to a different carrier, read the text below to know how to switch between carriers and more.

What are the things to know before switching a carrier?

Keep the following pointers in mind before switching a carrier:

  • Before you switch to a new account, make sure that you have all your business account information handy. This includes account details of each handset that your organization has assigned to its employees.
  • Do not cancel your current carrier until you have ported to the new carrier completely as there are chances that you might lose your number and thus some contacts vital to your business.
  • Make sure you know your phone’s ESN or IMEI number as this is usually required when you are porting your number to a new carrier.
  • You can port prepaid and postpaid cell phone numbers and even fax numbers, but not 800- or pager numbers.
  • Finally, it is always a good idea to save any important phone information. So, create a backup of your device’s photos and contacts before you surrender the phone to your current carrier.

What are the two types of cellular networks?

All the carriers across the country use two main types of cellular networks:

  • GSM: Global System for Mobile communications uses a SIM card for accessing calls, texts, and internet. The SIM cards store the subscriber’s data for their identity on the wireless network. The user has to use a SIM card in their device for this type of cellular network. Switching the SIM card simply means operating the same number on the same cellular network but with a different phone.
  • CDMA: Code-Division Multiple Access or CDMA does not require SIM cards for 2G and 3G internet, but they do require one for 4G networks. CDMA phones have electronic serial numbers coded in the phones for identification purposes.

Which are the best business phone plans with unlimited data?

Following are some of the best business phone plans with unlimited data available for your business:

  • Business Unlimited: This unlimited phone plan offered by Sprint is a no-contract business phone plan that offers unlimited talk, text, and mobile data. The plan is offered at $55 a month with $30 upfront cost.
  • Business One – Unlimited Data: This business plan by T-Mobile comes with auto-pay. It offers unlimited calls to and from US, Canada, and Mexico. It also offers international call service at $15. However, data users might experience reduced data speed after consuming 50GB per month. This plan is offered for $70 per month with $25 upfront.
  • Business Unlimited Enhanced: AT&T offers standard 4G LTE unlimited data, calls, and texts across 120 countries. The plan is offered at $90 per month with $30 upfront payment. The plan is offered by AT&T on 37 different phones.

How to get the best business phone plan when switching between cell phone carriers?

Here is how you should search for the best business phone plans while switching between cell phone carriers:

  • Check device compatibility: Before you switch between networks, make sure that the cellular network you’re planning to opt for is compatible with your current phone. This is because most of the phones offered by cellular networks are locked to operate only under their network.
  • Network coverage: It plays an important role when selecting a business phone plan. Select a network carrier that offers the widest coverage area in the cities and states where your business has the maximum number of clients.
  • BYOD: One of the most important aspects to consider while selecting a network carrier is to ensure if they facilitate their customers with BYOD. Bring Your Own Device allows customers to use cellular networks on their own device. This allows users to switch between carriers without surrendering their current device

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