Four Frequently Asked Questions About No-Contract Family Cell Phone Plans



Four frequently asked questions about no-contract family cell phone plans
Whether it is a family of two, three, four, or more, choosing a cell phone carrier can be a tough and a confusing decision. There are various carriers out there that claim to offer the cheapest cell phone family plan or the best cell phone family plan. With all the brands marketing their no-contract family cell phone plans, it can be difficult for one to know which is the best one for his/her family.
Earlier the choices were limited only to the Big Four wireless carriers. However, now with the advancement in technology and upcoming entrepreneurs, there are a number of cell phone carriers worth considering. Below are four frequently asked questions about no-contract family cell phone plans that will help one to make the right choice.

What is the difference between a no-contract phone and a phone with a contract?
The traditional cell phone contracts were quite strict and rigid than how they are today. One needed to have a perfect credit score in order to get a phone with a contract; however, it has become quite convenient and easy now.

  • When one has a contract phone it means that they have a fixed amount of monthly fees for a specific period of time. Usually set in a time period of 12 or 24 months, the cell phone plans provide the customer with a handset and a monthly limit of calls, texts, and data. Depending on the contract a person chooses, the monthly payment varies.
  • A no-contract cell phone plan, on the other hand, is a plan where one makes an advance payment for their calls, texts, and data. Also, as there is no-contract associated one doesn’t have the obligation to set up another month of service if they don’t wish to.

Which are the popular cell phone carriers that offer no-contract family cell phone plans?
Earlier there were only four carriers ruling the no-contract cell phone industry. However, now there are various companies that are competing to offer the best no-contract family cell phone plans. Some of the leading carriers in the industry currently are-

  • T-Mobile
  • cricket
  • metroPCS
  • Sprint
  • boost mobile
  • Verizon Wireless
  • ting
  • Project Fi

What elements must one consider while choosing no-contract family cell phone plans?
No-contract family cell phone plans are usually bundled with the two or more individuals’ monthly cell phone plans. Usually, companies are flexible with family members and friends activating phones from different zip codes. Below are some key elements one must consider while choosing a no-contract family cell phone plans-

  • Comparing cost with non-family cell phone bundles
  • Freedom to choose different plans
  • Managing the account of individual family members
  • The discounts available on phones

Which are some of the cheapest no-contract family cell phone plans available?
Companies offer various perks and promotional offers to their customers when they are opting for no-contract family cell phones. Below are some of the best no-contract phone plan carriers that have some of the cheap cell phone family plans-

  • T-Mobile- T-Mobile One plan is one of the best mobile plans for approximately $160 for four lines, which is only $40 per line or around $140 a month for the family of three, which costs about $47 per line. It has an unlimited data plan that leads this industry, no fees or taxes on the bill, and T-Mobile offers some awesome perks for international travelers.
  • Sprint- Sprint has Unlimited Family Plans that offer the first and second line of service for only around $60 and $40 per month, respectively. There are no additional charges for a limited period of time for the lines three to five.
  • cricket- An excellent rate is offered by cricket’s Unlimited 2 Plan, which is without any annual contracts or monthly taxes. Also, it offers four lines of unlimited data for approximately $100 per month, which is a great deal and way cheaper than most carriers.

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