FAQs When Buying The Cheapest Tires Online



FAQs when buying the cheapest tires online

It is easy to buy everything online. From items for personal use to household stuff and everything in between. Online buying has made it easy and convenient to get the required items delivered at your doorstep. Buying the cheapest tires online also makes it convenient as you don’t have to visit every auto shop when want to buy cheap tires.

What are the advantages of buying the cheapest tires online?
Buying tires on the internet offers a number of advantages, some of which have been listed below:

  • Buying tires from a dealership entails an inflated price to gain a maximum profit margin. Online tires are priced particularly lower because there are no dealers involved.
  • There are online reviews easily available for a wide range of tires. This helps you to take an informed decision.
  • There are websites that specialize in selling auto parts including tires. They even have their own independent tire tests.
  • Although it depends on the law in your state, online tire-buying websites do not have state sales taxes levied on internet purchases.
  • Since it is an online tire-buying website, there can be a wide variety of selection that you can choose from.

What are the disadvantages of buying tires online?
Before you look for buying the cheapest tires online, consider the following points:

  • Since you are not going out to inspect and buy tires, purchasing them online requires planning in advance.
  • Buying tires online might take days.
  • Even if a website claims that they specialize in inspecting the quality of tires, it is still customary for you to inspect them for yourself, which you cannot.
  • After you have bought the tires, you have to search for a local installer who would install the tires on your car, which is not the case when you buy them from an auto shop.
  • If you want an online delivery, extra shipping costs might incurred which would increase the overall price of the tires.

How to find the cheapest tires online?
There are as many as 160 tire brands available in the market which can make the selection process quite overwhelming.

  • Almost every online-tire selling website on the Internet allows you to sort out particular brands of tires to make the selection process easy.
  • You should also consider cross shopping, that is surfing a different number of websites and comparing the same brand of tires.
  • While customer reviews give you a practical picture of the brand and the tire, it is equally important to read the experts reviews as they provide an in-depth comparative knowledge based on the quality and the technical aspect of the tires.
  • You can create an account with the online tire-selling websites, as some of them offer discounts on tires on your first purchase. Once you subscribe to their newsletters, you can be aware of their timely sales online which will further help you buy cheapest tires online.

How does cost comparison help in buying the cheapest tires online?
The following factors of cost comparison can help you find a good deal in buying the cheapest tires online.

  • Selling price of the tires.
  • Shipping cost of the tires (this is valid in the case if the warehouse of the online tire buying website is not in the same state as yours).
  • Savings incurred from not paying the sales tax. This factor completely depends on the merchant and your location.
  • Cost of installation.
  • Excise duty and disposal fee.

Which are the popular brands and websites that sell cheap tires online?
Some of the popular tire buying websites include:

  • onlinetires.com
  • tirebuyer.com
  • tires-easy.com
  • discounttiredirect.com
  • wheelmax.com
  • simpletire.com

The popular brands that sell cheap tires online include (based on online reviews; the list does not follow any particular order):

  • Goodyear Assurance
  • Pirelli
  • Cooper Tires
  • Michelin LTX
  • Continental CrossContact
  • BF Goodrich
  • Firestone
  • General Tires

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