Everything You Need To Know About Windshields



Everything you need to know about windshields
The windshield glasses of our cars are made of laminated glass, which offers a layer of security in the event of accidents or road crashes. This laminated glass in made of two pieces of glass with a very thin layer of vinyl between them. These three pieces are laminated together using a heating process under high pressure in an autoclave, which is a special oven. When a safety glass is struck by a small object, the outer layer of the windshield can break off easily. The glass shatters but does not fly apart because these broken pieces will stick onto the vinyl lining.

The rear view and side mirror are made of tempered glass where the glass is heated to 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit. This process makes the glass stronger and even more tempered. Tempered glass can only disintegrate into small pieces and nothing shall injure the passengers or driver.

Every integral part of a car is an assembly; hence, it comes from the original equipment manufacturer that includes the windshield. They look simple; however, they are two pieces of glass bent in a precise way. This will not fit into any car if the windshield does not meet the exact specifications of the manufacturer. There are discounted windshields, cheap windshields, and those that do not come with any insurance. Let us look at some questions customers have when it comes to windshields:

What is the cost of the cheapest windshield?

  • The cost of a new windshield depends on the year, the make, and the model.
  • Cheapest windshields can start from approximately $200 and go up, based on customizations made by the customers.
  • The insurance for the windshield should cover most of the cost and make it cheap.
  • For an entire replacement, one needs to pay the deductibles.

Is the windshield of my car insured?

  • Small cracks can lead to big debris when it comes to cracked windshields.
  • Insurance should be taken on windshields based on the location you are from so that any garage can fix the car.
  • The insurance claim should be protected under the comprehensive coverage.
  • The average crack repair starts at around $99 while the average cost of the replacement in metropolitan cities would account for about $350.
  • The cheapest windshields in the market are available for about $100.

Should I repair or replace my windshield?

  • Earlier, replacement of windshields was recommended over repairs. However, the advent of technology has changed the scenario.
  • Chips up to 2 diameters and the normal single-line cracks that are measure up to 14 inches can be repaired.
  • The average replacement costs around $350 in the country, whereas repairs can be done at a much less cost of approximately $99.
  • When the windshield is damaged to an extent that impairs the driver’s visibility while driving, it is high time to repair the windshield.
  • When the crack is longer than 14 inches or the chip and bullseye is larger than 3 inches, the inner layer of the glass is broken, and/or the damage is extensive, reaching to the corners of the windshield, it is high time for a windshield replacement.

What is the law on driving with a cracked windshield?

  • The laws on driving with a cracked windshield differ from one state to another state. Almost all states require the windshield to be safe and secure and not found with any cracks.
  • In Florida, Kentucky, and South Carolina this can be waived and the driver is given time for windshield repair.
  • The law states that every windshield should be made of glass. Such glass should be identified as safety glass. There should be a certification that says the glass supplier states the glass is safer and approved to be used in vehicles.
  • The windshield should be of adequate size to give protection and must operate in all weather conditions.
  • The windshield cannot be used without repair if it is extensively cracked or damaged.

Does car insurance apply to the cheapest windshields?

  • It is ideal to not wait for too long for the windshield cracks to grow. In case of financial constraints, you can replace a cracked windshield with the cheapest one available for the time being.
  • Most cheap windshields are covered under insurance. However, the insurance also depends upon where you got the windshield replaced or repaired.

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