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Technology has ensured that our lives are made easier with its application and that we are completely dependent on it as well. The cell phone, one of the major contributions of technology to humankind, has revolutionized communication and various other facets of our life. Gone are the days when your regular mobile phone was used to make calls to your loved ones, or you had to press the same key dozens of times to type a single letter while sending an SMS. The modern-day cell phone revamped as the smartphone has taken over our lives completely. You can send and receive texts, use the Internet for anything and everything, conduct banking transactions, click amazing pictures, and you can do these impressive feats with a device that fits in your hand.

There are various smartphone companies that manufacture amazing cell phones equipped with the latest technology and awe-inspiring features that prompt you to make a purchase right away. In the smartphone realm, the Android smartphones are the ones that are usually opted for due to its sturdy operating system (OS) and due to the fact that it’s quite easy to use. If you are a prospective buyer, then it is sensible for you to pick your next smartphone from the top 10 Android smartphones that are currently reigning the market.

Which are the best, affordable Android smartphones in the market?

  • One of the positive effects of manufacturing millions of smartphones is that there is no dearth of affordable smartphones that are equipped with the latest technologies. There are plenty of Android smartphones that are equipped with features similar to those of a high-end Android smartphone, and these are equally efficient.
  • The top 10 Android smartphones that are highly affordable are the Moto G6, Nokia 6.1, Asus ZenFone V, Honor 7X, Moto G6 Play, ZTE Blade V8 Pro, LG Q6, Asus ZenFone 3 Zoom, Xiaomi Mi A1, and Alcatel 1X.
  • These Android smartphones are worth every penny you spend on it. You can even buy these from stores where the cell phone carriers collaborate with the cell phone manufacturer to give you the best deal.

What makes the Moto G6 a sensible buy?

  • The Moto G6 is the best budget Android phone you can consider buying; it is a forerunner in terms of functionality and style made available in a price as low as $235. Moreover, the Moto G6 provides about 90% of what the flagship has to offer in this price, which is around one-third of the price of its expensive counterparts.
  • The great build quality and design, excellent main rear camera, good battery life, its compatibility with the major US and international carriers, and the USB-C fast charging make it a sensible buy.
  • Also, it is imperative that you don’t wait around for the prices to fall as Moto G6 is already a budget phone and there won’t be any remarkable price drop in the future.

What are the specifications of the Honor 7X?

  • The Honor 7X is among the top 10 Android smartphones that are quite affordable. With a screen resolution of 2160 x 1080 and a screen size of 5.93 inches, the Honor 7X does have an appealing display. It even has a 16 MP+ 2MP rear camera and an 8MP front camera. It even has a fingerprint sensor which makes it safer and convenient to use.
  • The Honor 7X is a great buy because it offers a plethora of its flagship features at an affordable cost, and offers you a great smartphone with a vibrant display and seamless integration of hardware and software at a highly affordable price.

Are there any conditions one has to adhere to while buying a smartphone from a cell phone carrier?

  • When you buy a smartphone from a cell phone carrier, you will automatically subscribe to its network services. Buying a smartphone from a renowned cell phone carrier is often advantageous as it allows you to avail attractive cell phone plans at affordable rates.
  • The downside of this scheme is that if you aren’t happy with the services of the particular cell phone carrier, you will be bound by contract for a minimum period of 2 years, and mostly, you can override these contracts. Purchasing a new Android smartphone from an independent source would offer you a more flexible choice.

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