Different Types Of Rv Furniture



Different types of RV furniture
A recreational vehicle (RV) is a preferred and a comfortable mode of transportation for people who like to travel and go camping frequently. This home on wheels offers all the basic amenities of a fully functional apartment on the go!
It is important for you to have proper furniture in your home to make it comfortable and habitable, the same applies to your RV. Varied types of RV furniture are available for remodeling and sprucing up the interiors of your RV. Read on to find out about the popular types of RV furniture, the points to consider while shopping, and more.

Are there any custom options available for popular types of RV furniture?

  • Yes, you can have furniture custom made specifically to suit your RV interior layout. Custom-made RV furniture is expensive but will provide a better finish and aesthetic to the overall design.
  • RV furniture is usually compact and most designs serve a dual purpose which is why it is always a good idea to go for these space savers.

Is it possible to use regular home furniture in the RV?

  • You don’t always have the option of using regular home furniture as space is a major constraint when it comes to an RV.
  • Safety and stability are two important factors to consider when using home furniture, as these installations are not secured to the chassis.

What are the points to consider before buying RV furniture?

  • Planning is crucial when it comes to buying furniture for your RV as there are many space and layout constraints you will have to deal with during installation.
  • Measurements for a new sofa bed, dining set, or furnishings must be accurate to a few millimeters, as it will affect the safety and stability of the new installation.
  • Note that furniture designed for RV installations must be sturdy enough to support passengers while driving. The furniture must be lightweight so that the vehicle performance doesn’t suffer driving cross country.
  • A convertible furniture is a good option, as these installations are real space savers, and you benefit from two types of furniture for the price of one. Pull-out sofa beds, benches with storage compartments, and pull-out wall installations like tables are popular examples of convertible furniture.
  • RV specific furniture is expensive which is why you must consider package deals and installations that spruce up the interior from top to bottom.
  • Also, consider the furniture maintenance for premium high-end products as they are made with high-grade materials. The quality of materials drives up the cost of furniture upkeep.

Which are the popular types of RV furniture?

  • Beds are an important piece of furniture for your RV and there are different types of sleeper bed installations including a Jackknife sofa bed, a tri-fold sofa bed, and hide-a-bed sofa air mattress.
  • The Jackknife bed installation is a real convertible space saver as you simply pull out the seat of the sofa outwards to convert it into a bed.
  • The tri-fold sofa bed is a bigger and more comfortable option in comparison to the Jackknife bed, though it takes up more space and is ideal to install in a big size RV or a class A motorhome.
  • A more bulky but better option is the hide-a-bed sofa air mattress that converts into a fully functional bed using the air mattress for additional lumbar support.
  • Captain chairs are equally important RV furniture to provide a sturdy and comfortable seating position for the driver and the co-pilot during a long-distance travel. These chairs are very similar to Barcaloungers and have been modified to ensure safety and stability during long journeys.
  • RV furniture also includes comfortable sofa sets that can be installed in the lounging quarters of the vehicle. Class A motorhomes is a palatial home on wheels and can be equipped with everything from a living room, a bedroom, and even kitchen furniture.
  • Furnishings also form an important part of any installation to redecorate and remodel the interiors.
  • You also have the option of buying used RV furniture and having some upholstery and repair work done to install and save some money in the process.

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