Choosing Best No Contract Cell Phone Plans Across Various Categories



Choosing best no-contract cell phone plans across various categories
There are many customers that prioritize the network service provider over the model of the phone and fast speeds. Lower costs, unlimited plans, no contracts, flexibility, and no credit checks are slightly more attractive features for these customers. There are many different no-contract cell phones offered by Best Buy for this category. If you are one such customer, the following article should give you a clear idea about the best no-contract cell phone plan providers.

Which are the best no-contract cell phone plans?

  • Metro PCS With an array of single and family plan options available, this best no-contract cell phone provider offers attractive plans for its subscribers. All their plans are designed in a way to suit the needs of the customer, the family plans with four lines are priced accurately at approximately $100, while the two-line plans are priced at around $60.
  • Boost Mobile One of the top providers of unlimited prepaid cell phone plans, Boost Mobile also has a bunch of other benefits. It has great network connectivity and their plans start for as low as about $50 per month with unlimited data, talk time, and texts.
  • Republic WirelessThis service provider is ideal for users that are not looking for extravagant plans and just for more in their everyday usage. They have budget-friendly prepaid options that start at around $20 and offer extra data at about $5 per month.

Which are the cheap no-contract cell phone plans?

  • TingThis service provider is a wireless reseller that operates off Sprint and T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network. The plans by this provider are by far the cheapest plans on the network. Most wireless providers offer packages plans, but Ting allows you to choose a plan and then customize it.
  • Project FiThis provider has a base rate of only about $20 per month and offers unlimited calls and texts within the country. This makes it a moderately expensive provider with multiple highlights. Even here, you are allowed to customize the plan plus avail the leftover data.
  • Mint SimMost no-contract cell phone plan providers ask you to pay monthly, while this provider offers 3, 6, or 12-month packages. This allows them to offer extra discounts on their plans. They have multiple packages for the people to choose from.

Which are the best no-contract cell phone plans for seniors?

  • AT&T Senior Nation PlanThis option is available only for seniors and is limited to individuals that do not own a smartphone. The plan offered to senior customers includes 200 anytime minutes, 500 night and weekend minutes as well as unlimited call to AT&T customers only for $29.99.
  • JitterbugThis no-contract cell phone plan provider offers plans that are specially designed for seniors. The plans start at approximately $14.99 for 200 minutes, $2.49 for 40MB of data and $3 for 300 text messages. The provider also allows seniors to make emergency calls through their phone’s urgent response button.
  • T-Mobile Unlimited 55+ PlanThis is one of the most suitable plans for seniors that wish to talk, text, and stream videos online. You can get two lines with unlimited talktime, texts, and LTE data only for about $60/month. This price is inclusive of all the taxes and fees. The primary holder for this account must be 55 years or older, the other holder can be younger.

Which are the best unlimited data cell phone plans with no contract?

  • Metro PCS family planThe approximately $100 family plan by Metro PCS breaks down to around $25/month for a single line, which is an amazing deal for the price. There is another provider with a similar plan, but it does not provide maximum speed like Metro PCS. This plan is by far the best plan you will find for the price.
  • Virgin Mobile Inner CircleOne of the best deals offered in the prepaid cell phone plans market is the approximately $1 plan for 6 months by this provider. The plan gives you unlimited service for 6 months only for one dollar, but it is an iPhone-only plan. Moreover, it is applicable only for new purchases from the Apple store.
  • Verizon Above UnlimitedThis is a superior plan with great connectivity and data allowance. It gives you a massive 75GB data de-prioritization threshold, HD streaming, and international privileges. It is an ideal bet if you are one that uses hotspots often.

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