Buying A Samsung Phone Here’s What You Need To Know



Samsung phones have been quite a popular choice among cell phone buyers for a long time now. This is mainly because of Samsung’s flagship phones from the Galaxy and Note series. Samsung has given consumers a superior user experience by incorporating the latest in mobile technology in its range of cell phones. Right from cameras to processor speeds, Samsung has worked towards designing quality phones for consumers with varying budget requirements. For those looking for affordable Samsung phones, prepaid and pre-owned phones are good options. Read on to know more about Samsung phones in these categories and where to find good Samsung cell phone deals.

Which carriers work with unlocked or prepaid Samsung phones?

  • Samsung phones work with all the major carriers. US Cellular, T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon are perfectly compatible with unlocked or prepaid Samsung phones.
  • If you are traveling overseas, you can buy the SIM card compatible with the networks of the area you are in and use the SIM card in your phone. Unlocked Samsung phones are compatible with all the major international networks.
  • One thing to note here is that unlocked or prepaid Samsung mobile phones do not have carrier-specific applications preloaded. If you wish to use carrier applications, you will have to install them on your own. You will be prompted to install these apps as soon as you insert the SIM card in the phone and connect with the carrier network.

Which are the popular Samsung phones in the pre-owned category?

  • When it comes to preowned Samsung phones, models that were released in the past are usually quite popular among consumers who are looking for affordable Samsung cell phone deals. Earlier models of Galaxy series and Note series are the popular models on Samsung phones in the pre-owned category.
  • Samsung Galaxy 5, Galaxy 6, and Galaxy 7 have been popular pre-owned Samsung phones in the Galaxy series. Galaxy Note5 is also a common choice among consumers when it comes to pre-owned phones.
  • Pre-owned Samsung phones are covered with a 12-month manufacturer warranty and brand-new accessories and charger.

Where can you find Samsung phone deals?

  • You can find good Samsung phone deals through online retailers such as BestBuy, Amazon, WhistleOut, and so on. These retailers often offer substantial discounts on unlocked or prepaid Samsung phones.
  • If you are looking for contract-based Samsung phone deals, you will find good offers from the carriers directly. Many carriers have buy-one-get-one and trade-in offers that let you buy a Samsung phone of your choice at an affordable price.
  • Online retailers and carriers also offer good Samsung phone deals during the holiday season.

What accessories are available along with a Samsung mobile phone?

  • All Samsung mobile phone some common accessories in the box. These common accessories include a charger, USD connector, USB cable, ejection pin, earphones, and additional earphone gel tips. You will also find a safety manual and starter leaflets.
  • Some Samsung mobile phones also come with a micro USB connector, which is an adapter for micro USB cables. This connector can be used with a wireless charging pad.
  • If you require, you can buy additional accessories such as phone cover, screen guard, keyboard cover, wireless charger, and battery pack.

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