Buying A Dishwasher Heres What You Need To Know



Buying a dishwasher? Here’s what you need to know

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” – Arthur C. Clarke

Attractive, easy monthly installment options coupled with low-interest rates make it convenient for people to purchase expensive appliances like dishwashers, washing machines, and washer dryer combos, among other home appliances rendered necessary. Our increasing need for the use of appliances to perform even some of the most menial tasks like washing dishes goes to prove our dependency on technology to find out easy solutions. No doubt with the advent of technology, we have witnessed a boom in the consumer goods and services industry. However with so many brands and models available to choose from, narrowing down from the best dishwashers of 2017 can become quite confusing.

Here are a few things you should check out before buying the best dishwasher of 2017 from one of the top five brands available in the market.

What is the ideal price range of dishwashers?

  • Dishwashers can be conveniently classified into budget dishwashers and high-end dishwashers.
  • However, you might want to increase your budget since a couple of hundred dollars might get you budget dishwashers with premium capabilities as well. These appliances might cost you around $500 to $700.
  • Budget dishwashers can, however, be quite noisy compared, with limited load handling capabilities as compared to high-end and upscale models.
  • If you do not have budget constraints, you should buy one of the best dishwashers of 2017 brands available in the market offering premium features.
  • Budget dishwashers might have plastic tubs compared to high-end models which feature steel drums with enhanced load bearing capacities.
  • High-end dishwashers will cost $700 or more but will ensure a product which has both looks and features.

How can you make sure the new dishwasher goes well with your existing home décor?

  • Even some of the best and high-end dishwashers might not suit your existing home décor.
  • Since it is not possible to alter and make changes to your existing home décor, opting for a cabinet dishwasher might prove to be a useful solution.
  • Cabinet dishwashers can be adjusted into your existing home décor and kitchen layout with ease since the cabinet panels will conceal the dishwasher without much effort.
  • Some of the best dishwasher 2017 brands and models feature cabinet dishwashers to serve this purpose.

Which are the must-have features of a dishwasher?

  • The basic functionalities for all dishwashers will not vary. However, depending on the brand and price, these dishwashers will feature touchscreen controls, interactive input panels to control the wash cycles, timer, extra rinse cycles, water temperature among others.
  • Check to ensure the controls are accessible and compare with other similar models.
  • Open and close the adjustable racks to test its movement. For a premium price, you can get good adjustable racks installed to accommodate those delicate dinnerware plates and cups along with silverware holders.
  • Premium and high-end dishwashers will have soil sensors which will automatically adjust the wash cycles, which increases its efficiency.
  • Rinse and hold cycle is a rather useful one, so make sure that the dishwasher you want to buy has this feature. The rinse and hold cycle will help remove odor and prevent stains from getting accumulated in case for a full wash load (i.e., up to capacity)
  • Dedicated wash zones are the newest feature in some of the best dishwashers of 2017, which allow for a targeted cleanse mode reserved for heavily stained utensils and dishes. The wash zones are not designed to run the full wash cycle and can be introduced as a special cycle amidst a full rinse.
  • Other features to look out for include filters, special wash cycles, stainless steel tub, a heated dry option which is available with select models and finally, touchpad controls. If money is not an issue, all or most of these features can be found in the brands of the best dishwashers of 2017 like Bosch Benchmark series, Miele EcoFlex, Thermador Sapphire, Thermador Topaz among many others.

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