Best GPS Vehicle Tracking System For Cars In 2018



Best GPS vehicle tracking system for cars in 2018
Travel is on everybody’s mind nowadays. People love traveling and exploring new places. Moreover, since economies are getting global, corporate travel has also increased significantly. Also, with the increase in population, the demands are ever increasing and hence transportation vehicles are also increasing. Due to the increase in travel and transportation, the GPS vehicle tracking systems come in handy to track the vehicle, optimize routes, and analyze the time spent on transportation. These tracking systems also help solve vehicle thefts and track vehicles in emergency situations.

These GPS tracking systems have changed the way the travel and transportation industry operates. There are many companies that design vehicle GPS tracking systems that are efficient and cost-effective. You can read reviews of these tracking systems and then buy the one that suits your requirements. If you are looking for a vehicle GPS system for your vehicle, here are a few details about the same.

What is a vehicle tracking system?

  • Vehicle GPS tracking systems use the vehicle’s automatic location information to position the vehicle on a map to understand its location and driving direction.
  • The latest vehicle tracking systems use the GPS or GLONASS technology to locate the vehicle.
  • This information is displayed on electronic maps using the internet browser or a customized software.
  • In the metro cities, this information is majorly used by the public transportation authorities to understand the traffic flow in the city.

What is the architecture of the vehicle GPS systems?
The main parts of vehicle GPS tracking systems are as follows:

  • GPS tracking: This device can be fitted in the vehicle to record the GPS location information, along with other vehicle information such as speed, engine temperature, fuel amount, tire pressure, etc. The information to be recorded can be customized and tracked easily by the GPS installed device. This information is fed to the central server at periodic intervals and recorded constantly.
  • GPS tracking server: The tracking server receives the data from the GPS tracker, stores it, and processes it based on the end user’s requirement.
  • User interface: The UI then displays the information requested by the end user, which is stored on the tracking server. The UI can be customized based on the usage.

What are the common uses of a GPS vehicle tracking system?
Some of the common uses of the vehicle GPS systems are as follows:

  • The fleet management companies can track their vehicles and keep a check on the drivers operating them.
  • The door monitoring tools, when connected with the GPS, will give the exact information when the doors were opened to check whether the operator is correctly delivering products from the vehicle.
  • This can also help in highlighting any false claims against the company that is operating vehicles on the road.
  • The company gets the exact location of their employees during an emergency situation to provide immediate help.
  • The driver’s efficiency increases by using the fleet tracking software. They can use the shortest possible routes and save time.
  • The entire company’s operations can be optimized once they have the vehicle operation data.
  • Running a company with the help of fleet management software linked to vehicle GPS tracking systems increases revenue and helps in the growth of the business.
  • Stolen vehicles can also be easily recovered if equipped with a GPS tracking system.

These are just a few uses that the GPS tracking system has. Once you have the entire vehicle data in your hand, the usage possibilities are infinite.

Which companies make the best GPS vehicle tracking systems?
A few companies that make the best GPS tracking systems are these:

  • Buyerzone
  • Telogis
  • CalAmp
  • CarLock
  • Fleetmatics
  • GoFleet
  • Teletrac Navman
  • Fleetistics
  • Verizon
  • Rastrac

There are many companies that manufacture the best GPS vehicle tracking systems. Do complete your market research before buying these systems from them.

What is the battery life of a GPS tracker system?

Generally, the information from the GPS system is sent every 15 minutes.

Based on this usage, the battery of the GPS device should last for more than 2-3 weeks.

It takes about 7-9 hours to charge the battery of a GPS tracker based on its size.

The battery status is displayed on the monitoring system or the app that comes along with the GPS device.


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