All You Need To Know About Michelin Tires



All you need to know about Michelin tires

No matter how powerful your engine is, your car cannot run if the tire has given up on it. It’d be wrong if we call tires the backbone of the car, but calling them the legs of the car can be well justified. A car cannot run best if its legs aren’t in an optimal working condition. Maintaining a tire is not the easiest as you might not be able to gauge the problem in some situations; therefore, buying the right tire is also key to the functioning of your car. Michelin tires go through a long process before going up for sale.

Let us look at some questions on the maintenance and purchase of tires.

When should I change my tires?

  • Inspect regularly – Inspect your tires regularly to check for punctures and nitrogen levels. Once your tires have completed five years, make sure they are inspected by a trained professional at least once a year.
  • Ten years maximum – Michelin always recommends its users to change the tires after completing ten years in running. This change is provided by the company and is recommended irrespective of the condition of the tires; it is also applicable for spare tires as well.
  • Focus on the feel – If you feel a slight disturbance during your ride or have a rough ride, your tires could be one of the reasons. Stop your car at the side of your road and inspect your tire, if your tire has worn out or the tread is worn beyond the recommended tread depth levels it is time to change your tire.

Where can I buy Michelin tires?
Michelin tires are up for sale online as well as offline.

  • Online – Micheline tires are for sale on more than one online website, all you have to do it order them and get a mechanic to fix the tires in place. You could also go to the Michelin service center and get your tires mounted. The websites include and
  • Official website – The best place to find Michelin tires for sale is the Michelin tires official website. The website will allow you to enter the details of your car and then choose the appropriate tire according to your needs and specifications.
  • Michelin stores – You can drop by to your nearest Michelin store, and you will find an abundance of Michelin tires for sale. If you are having difficulty finding a store around you, simply log on to their website and find a store close to you under the store locator tab.

How to buy tires?
Buying tires is not a very difficult job, these tips will help you ride smoothly through the process.

  • Buy a full set – When buying tires, it is recommended that you buy a complete set of four tires so that you can have a comfortable ride. You might be tempted to only replace the tire that is causing you troubles, but replacing all tires will help your suspension technology work to its full potential.
  • Inspect the spare – If you are getting your tires changed, you must also get your spare tire checked for any problems or issues. You might not head to the service center just to check your spare tire; hence, this becomes the perfect time to get them checked.
  • Buy on the Internet or by catalog – The Internet can get you better offers as compared to the dealers or retailers. You can end up saving a lot of money on your tires; you could also look for tire dealers that accept the shipment on your behalf.
  • Get your wheels aligned – The tires need to be mounted on the rims, balanced, and then installed on your vehicle. This can tweak the alignment of the wheels, so make sure you test the alignment of your tires.

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