All About U-Haul Rentals


 All about U-Haul rentals

U-Haul is a company that facilitates renting by providing moving equipment and storage unit rentals. This is the ideal solution for people who can’t afford professional movers and portable storage units. Presently, the company has its headquarters at Phoenix in Arizona, USA.

Operating since 1945, U-Haul was founded by Leonard Shoen when he was just 29 years old. The business of U-Haul was started in the garage that belonged to Leonard’s wife’s family and was situated in Ridgefield, Washington. The business was further expanded by franchising with gas stations. The parent company of U-Haul is AMERCO. However, even today, the Shoen family still owns about 55% of the public traded stock, directly and indirectly. The company rents out self-storage units, tow hitches, cargo vans, trucks, trailers, etc. The company has 16,000 dealerships all across the country.

What is the history of U-Haul?

  • Leonard Shoen started U-Haul along with his wife Anna Mary Carty in the garage owned by her family in Ridgefield, with $5,000 as an investment.
  • Leonard built the trailers to be rented and split the fees of using these trailers with the owners of the gas stations that were franchised as agents by him.
  • The one-way rental equipment was developed by Leonard and enlisted investors as partners in order to grow.
  • By the time it was 1955, there were over 10,000 trailers on the road that belonged to U-Haul, earning the company a nationwide recognition for truck rentals.

How can truck rental prices from U-Haul be ascertained?

  • On an average scale, the rent of the cargo vans or pickup trucks is $19.99 each day.
  • The prices of the larger rental equipment such as moving trucks can go up to $29.99 and $39.95.
  • For each mile, a mileage charge is levied on the person, which ranges from $0.59 to $0.99.
  • If the person who had rented the U-Haul moving truck at the time of returning the equipment tends to forget to refill the fuel tank to the level it had been earlier, U-Haul does the required on the renter’s behalf. However, the cost will be much higher than the usual price of gas, which will be reflected in the final bill of the customer.
  • If the individual chooses the comprehensive insurance package of U-Haul truck rental, they are bound to pay an extra $28 each day.
  • Depending upon the driving distance, the environmental fee charged by U-Haul for truck rentals is either $1 or $5.
  • To calculate the actual price of the truck to be rented, one must consider the following calculation: rent of the truck + the mileage charge + protection from any possible damages + refueling gas tank + environmental fee charged + applicable taxes = the total rent.
  • If a person does not specifically mention that they want to return the rental truck of U-Haul at some other location at the point of reservation, they will end up being charged an additional $124.95 over and above the actual price of rent that the individual was supposed to pay.
  • If a person needs to rent the moving truck from U-Haul rentals to move over a long distance that could take several days, or if the distance is more than 30 miles, the company’s cost quote generating team will give its customer a great estimate, provided the individual specifies that the vehicle will be returned at another location.
  • Hence, the advertised prices such as $19.99, $29.99, and $39.95 are mere bottom lines.

To whom is U-Haul a suitable option for moving?

  • When a person wishes to shift their belongings over a short distance, that is, within the local area, U-Haul is the right choice to make.
  • However, for this purpose, it is necessary that the customer is comfortable in driving a large-size truck independently.

What equipment does the U-Haul rent its customers?

  • Dodge, GMC, and Ford manufacture U-Haul’s heavy-duty pickup trucks and van cabs for rentals.
  • These cabs are then restructured with the company’s manufactured truck body in their fabrication plants situated in several parts of North America.

Who are the prominent people in the company?

  • Joe Shoen is the chairman and the chief executive officer of U-Haul.
  • John Taylor is U-Haul company’s president.
  • Mark Shoen holds the position of the Vice President of U-Haul.

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