A Guide For Choosing The Best Cover For Your Car



A guide for choosing the best cover for your car

A car cover is essential to keep your car protected from harmful external elements, dirt, dust, humidity, and pollution. It is great for shielding your car’s expensive paint job and is indispensable when you want to preserve the sheen and sparkle of a new car in your driveway or garage. If keeping your car in pristine condition is your topmost priority, here is the perfect guide to help you to choose the right car cover.

Should I use an indoor car cover or an outdoor one?

  • An indoor cover is great if your car is parked in the garage. You may think parking indoors is adequate protection, but the cover protects the vehicle from scratches that it may get while parked. If you want to protect the paint job and prevent sediments and other grime from ruining the paint job, consider an indoor car cover.
  • If your car spends as much time in a garage as it does parked on the street, try getting a cover more rugged that offers more protection. Look up the material of the cover beforehand and see if it is adequate for your vehicle.
  • Most outdoor covers help prevent damage due to UV rays, snowfall, and even high-intensity wind and rain. A water- and a dirt-resistant cover is especially good for outdoors.

Should I get a universal fit car cover or do I need a custom-made car cover?

  • You could go for a universal fit car cover as they offer adequate protection for all vehicles and do not cost as much as something customized.
  • However, if your vehicle has been modified or is a special edition vehicle, it may be in your best interest to preserve and protect the vehicle to the best of your ability. A custom-fit car cover could be more practical as it completely removes the need for repairs or restoring an expensive paint job.
  • A custom-made car cover offers more protection and will also help prevent condensation from affecting the metal parts.

What do I need to look for when picking a weather-resistant cover?

  • The first thing you need to look for is a weather-resistant cover that suits your particular car model. It helps in keeping away moisture, especially during the monsoon and prevents your car from getting dirty.
  • A good car cover will prevent rust and corrosion due to moisture. The cover should be a good fit and should be able to preserve the paint job.
  • The car cover must be UV-resistant and should help ensure the interior of the car doesn’t get heated up during the day. If your car is left outside and gets too hot, it could become very difficult to drive and would be dangerous for pets and children.

Does the fabric of the car cover matter?

  • Getting a scratch on an otherwise well-maintained vehicle may be very troubling and therein lies the importance of a fine fabric to protect the car.
  • The car cover should be something that is light if being used indoors and should also strike the perfect balance between tough and durable while being gentle and easy on the car.
  • You need to look for a car cover material that prevents the paint job from getting spoilt especially if the car is new and you want to maintain the aesthetic appeal of the car for a few more years.

How often do I need to use the car cover?

  • Whenever the car is not in use, it is ideal to keep it covered. If you happen to have a sports car or a vintage car, you should keep it covered at all times when not in use.
  • After you take the car out for a spin or after you’ve gone through some rough terrain, wash the car and let it dry. The cover won’t help much if grime sets in.
  • Make sure the car is always dry before you cover it because a wet car could cause rust and corrosion.

It is advised to choose a car cover based on the model of your car, your personal preferences, and your budget.


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