4 Popular Brands Offering All-In-One Computers


4 popular brands offering all-in-one computers

Traditional desktop systems have a separate processing unit that needs additional cables and connectors for input and output devices. All-in-one computers, however, feature a compact processing unit with all connectors and cables for peripherals inbuilt into the main body of the system. The design saves space, also making the computer lightweight and visually appealing.

A single power cord is sufficient to run all the necessary components of the all-in-one computer. The keyboard and mouse are connected using external USB ports. Overall, the performance and functionality of all-in-one computers are very much similar to traditional desktops and laptops.

Some might argue that the lack of space does not allow for hardware upgrades in an all-in-one computer that can, otherwise, be easily done on a traditional desktop.

There are four main factors that you must consider before purchasing all-in-one computers; these include the screen size, hardware configuration, operating system, and price.

Apple, Dell, HP, and Microsoft are among the top brands trending for all-in-one computers. You can compare brands online to also find the best deals and information on all-in-one desktop computers sale.

Why is the iMac considered to be better than popular all-in-one computers in the market?

  • Apple is one of the pioneers of technology when it comes to all-in-one computers. The brand is well known for its Apple iMac series which is considered among the top all-in-one systems available in the market.
  • The iMac offers a combination of amazing computing power packed in a compact space with a stunning aluminum build and design.
  • Quality is one of the key factors that Apple computers maintains for all its products with consistent use of premium materials and components.
  • The main highlights of the iMac series include Retina support for 4K and 5K resolution for a massive 27-inch display.
  • Radeon Pro offers a stunning graphical VRAM powered by 4GB memory for the 4K display and 8GB memory for the 5K display.

Which are the most popular Dell all-in-one computers to buy in 2018?

  • The New Inspiron series is the latest range of all-in-one computers available with Dell.
  • You have the option of choosing between an Intel core or AMD-based processor as both systems offer a 22-inch all-in-one system.
  • The Intel core processor computers are slightly more expensive and are priced at around $549.99 in comparison to AMD processor variants that are priced at around $449.99.
  • The all-in-one 5000 series offers a screen size upgrade with a 24-inch display designed for your entertainment and is available for around $799.99.
  • Another popular variant of all-in-one computers by Dell is the 7000 series priced at around $999.99.
  • Both the Dell 5000 and 7000 series boast an infinity edge screen display with 4K Ultra HD support for the 7000 series specifically.

Which are the popular all-in-one computers available with HP?

  • When it comes to the range and technical specifications, HP offers an array of computing systems.
  • The HP all-in-one basic computing systems can be bought for prices starting at just under $329.99.
  • The HP Pavilion all-in-one series is a slightly expensive option taking into account the memory and processing upgrade; these are priced at approximately $679.99.
  • The HP EliteOne touch series offer premium hardware and software upgrades with computing systems; the prices for this series starts at approximately $1,279.
  • For more performance and computing power, you can consider the expensive variants of the HP ENVY all-in-one computers starting at around $1,749.99.

Does Microsoft provide affordable all-in-one computing options?

  • The Microsoft Surface studio is one of the premium flagship products of the brand when it comes to all-in-one computing systems.
  • The computer has a massive 28-inch screen with support for interactive touch that provides you with the best user experience.
  • The Surface Studio is powered by the latest generation Intel Core i7 processors that offer a clock speed of around 2.7GHz to support heavy applications.
  • The 32GB memory module handles the mammoth task of running all processes without any lag in the system.

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