4 Essential Things To Know Before You Buy A Fleet Management Software



4 essential things to know before you buy a fleet management software

Today, both small and large companies that rely on transportation make use of fleet management software to control the cost, efficiency of the drivers, and fuel management to carry out their business smoothly.
Fleet managers are individuals who are responsible for monitoring the fleet of vehicles of any organization and ensuring that they are efficiently used to carry out tasks. Read to find out more about fleet management and which fleet management system should you consider for your business.

What do you mean by fleet management?

  • While typically used for tracking the fleet of delivery cars, fleet management also involves other related services like recording the mechanical diagnosis of the trucks and the behavior of the drivers.
  • Most of the industries these days, right from the couriers, oil and gas delivery, utilities to the boating industry, use fleet management software to track their vehicles in real time and confirm the safety of the goods.
  • Depending on your business needs and your budget, you can buy one of the top fleet management systems to manage your business.

Which are the top fleet management software?
Since there are dozens of fleet management software in the market, choosing one can get confusing. To help you decide, here are two of the top fleet management software that you can consider buying:

  • TomTom Telematics
    People who are looking for an integrated fleet management software should invest in the software offered by TomTom Telematics. Some of the great features offered by this software are accident tracking, dispatch management, driver management, and fuel management.
  • High Point GPS
    This software does not just allow you to track vehicles in real time, but it also allows you to go back in the history and check where the car has been in the past two years, who drove it, and a complete history of how it was driven. The best part about this software is that you can get a free trial of 30 days to check what it offers.

Which are the best low-budget fleet management software?
The cost of the software happens to be one of the most crucial things you must consider before you invest in a fleet management software. Here are two of the most affordable fleet management software that you can try:

  • Teletrac
    This cloud-based software is an excellent choice for both big and small companies who are looking for an easy-to-use and affordable fleet management tool. Depending on the type of the organization and the number of vehicles, the software will decide the price quote for the services.
  • WorkWave Route Manager
    This is one of the cheapest fleet management software that you can purchase in 2018. The software offers interesting features like adjusting a driver’s route and schedule, receiving route notification, checking in and out of stops, and marking rescheduled or skipped orders.

Which are the best fleet management software for medium-sized businesses?

  • While it is easy to find a fleet management software for small businesses, it is comparatively difficult to find software that carries out fleet management for medium-sized or large-sized enterprises that manage over 500 vehicles.
  • Samsara and Silent Passenger are two of the top fleet management software that specializes in managing medium-sized and large companies.
  • Samsara
    You can get a yearly subscription license on your mobile device that will enable you to track the vehicles in real time through GPS. Through this software, you can get essential data on vehicle performance, fuel waste, and unnecessary halts that the driver takes.
  • Silent Passenger
    Silent Passenger is a fleet management system that is designed for businesses of all sizes. With the help of a built-in Google Maps feature, users can track vehicles in real time. One of the best features of this software is that it allows you to track multiple vehicles in different regions with its split- screen view feature.

Do your homework and pick a fleet management software that will help you manage your delivery, workforce, and vehicles used by the drivers. Pick a fleet management software that suits the nature of your organization, the size of your organization, i.e., the number of vehicles your firm owns, and most importantly your budget.

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