4 Essential Facts About Car Accident Attorneys One Should Know



4 essential facts about car accident attorneys one should know

Nothing in life is predictable; things seem hunky-dory one moment, and the very next moment can be equally catastrophic. Accidents are one of the most common unpredictable events that can occur in an individual’s life and often leads to disastrous outcomes. Depending on the gravity of the accident, the injuries one sustains, and the damage to the property, your insurance company can accept or refute your claim.

It is imperative that you get a reality check since your insurance provider wouldn’t readily agree to pay the compensation right when you file for it. In fact, you need to keep this in mind that these insurance companies have a team of lawyers and adjusters who immediately start scrutinizing your injury claims the moment you file it. So, to level the playing field, it would be advisable for you to seek legal counsel as well.

Instead of waiting for your insurance company to refute your settlement claims on preposterous grounds, it is advisable to hire a car injury attorney before the onset of the case. Read on to know more about how the car accident attorney can help your case and the monetary aspects of the same.

What should one avoid doing when they are involved in a mobile auto accident?

  • According to an experienced accident injury attorney, one of the common mistakes people make is leaving the scene before the police can arrive or speak to the other driver involved in the accident.
  • Moreover, instead of reacting unfavorably to the situation, you should call for emergency medical assistance. In addition to this, it is absolutely essential that you don’t admit fault to anyone other than the police (unless it’s not your fault), and photograph and document the accident as it will come in handy while making settlement claims with your insurance provider.
  • Being calm in such situations proves beneficial later. Fleeing the scene would only make matters worse for you, and your auto accident attorney might have a tough time proving the other person’s negligence.

How much does a car accident injury lawyer charge?

  • The fee a car accident injury lawyer charges depend largely on the firm you have approached to represent your case. For instance, if you hire a local accident attorney, the fee might be lesser than what you’ll be paying if you hire the best car accident injury attorney in Michigan.
  • Moreover, the accident attorney’s experience with similar cases as yours, and their efficiency are what determine the amount of fee you’ll be paying.
  • Most mobile auto accident attorneys often charge contingency fee as opposed to the hourly rate attorneys usually charge. If such is the case, then the car injury attorney accepts payment only in the form of pure contingency fee, and you wouldn’t have to pay anything up front.
  • Usually, auto accident attorneys follow the “no win-no fee” policy, and only if you win the case will they charge a certain percentage of the claim you won.
  • In most cases, this percentage largely depends on the case and varies from attorney to attorney, and usually, it is 40% of the total settlement.

What are the essential qualities of a good car accident attorney?

  • There is no dearth of car accident attorneys in the country, but you need to determine hiring which of these will help your case.
  • The essential qualities to look for in a prospective car accident attorney is their expertise with cases; some of them might be experts in personal injury or property destruction, whereas, others might be more skilled in liability determination or wrongful death. You need to hire an accident attorney based on your area of requirement.
  • The car accident injury attorney should have at least five years of experience in courtroom cases since a seasoned lawyer can help your case better.
  • The car accident injury lawyer should be successful because that would increase your chances of winning the case.

What is the average settlement one can expect if they are injured in a car accident?

  • The amount of money you receive as settlement depends on various factors like the gravity of the injuries sustained in the accident, the medical bills, and the recovery time. Moreover, your car injury attorney’s skills are integral to winning the case and acquiring the required amount of settlement.
  • In case of minor injuries, the settlement amount can range from $10,000 to $25,000, and the settlement for major injuries which involves surgery, constant care, and physical therapy ranges from $50,000 to $75,00

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