4 Commonly Asked Questions About Ireland Tour Packages



4 commonly asked questions about Ireland tour packages

Home to the Emerald Isle and the famous St. Patrick’s Festival, Ireland is one of the most popular vacation destinations for people across the globe. It is an excellent place with warm-hearted people and breathtaking scenery. A country with legends of leprechauns, fairies, and other amusing characters, Ireland will not disappoint you. Ireland, as a vacation destination, holds the ability to fulfill most of your vacation needs, no matter how vivid or distinct they are. Here are some commonly asked questions and answers associated with Ireland tour packages.

Which are the top websites that offer tour packages for Ireland?

  • Great Value Vacations: A website that has multiple customized tour packages for Ireland, Great Value Vacations is where you must start your search. The tour packages are designed according to the places to visit in specific seasons as well as in groups of cities to visit. You can choose from an existing tour package or customize it according to the cities you wish to see.
  • TripAdvisor: Tripadvisor is highly rated for its user-friendly interface, making it one of the most surfed websites for Ireland tour packages. It comprises different packages such as romantic vacations, all-inclusive tour packages, and tour packages for seniors.
  • Zicasso: Unlike other platforms and websites, Zicasso gives you complete control to customize your trip. You can choose the number of days, departure date, and the places you wish to visit on the trip. The travel company will prepare a plan according to your preferences. You can also choose from the pre-planned trips that this website provides.

Which are the different types of Ireland tour packages?

  • Escorted tours: These tours are ideal for travelers who plan to visit the Emerald Isle and spend uninterrupted time there. These Ireland tour packages include professional guides, entry to tourist sites, accommodation as well as breakfast. It is ideal for seniors as the trip is well-planned, only mildly tiring, and covers most tourist attractions.
  • Self-drive tours: The slow pace of life and beautiful country roads of Ireland are ideal for a self-drive tour. The tour packages from travel companies typically include the car rentals and overnight accommodation at multiple locations within the country. You can choose the quality of hotels and other amenities that you need.
  • Day tours: These tours are ideal for people who wish to spend only a part of their vacation looking at tourist attractions. They can indulge in other activities of their choice in the remaining days. The day tour usually consists of a bus ride that takes tourists across multiple attractions.
  • Cycling tour: This type might not be best suited for Ireland because of the unexpected rains that this country faces. However, on a bright day riding around the beautiful landscapes and country villages can be a great way to explore this country.

What is the best time to visit Ireland?

  • When planning a vacation to any location, it is best to travel during the most pleasant time of the year. One should look out for weather changes and climatic conditions while booking a trip.
  • As for Ireland, the weather is pleasant all year round. The temperatures are mild with a slight expectation of rain throughout the year. However, the best time to visit Ireland is probably between March to May or September to November. At this time, the weather is not as cold. It is pleasant with mild or no rainfall.
  • As the weather is more or less similar in Ireland, you can plan your vacation around festivals and events in the country. St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated on a large platform and is a national holiday in Ireland. The start of the year hosts multiple music festivals, and around mid-year, the country hosts art and literature festivals.

Which websites have dedicated Ireland tour packages for seniors?

  • Irish tourism: The official website of Irish tourism is by far your best bet at getting an Ireland tour package that is designed to suit senior travelers. This website mentions most tourist attraction spots, comfortable stay options, and vacation options spread over 10-15 days.
  • Driftwood Tours: This is another website to find Ireland tour packages for senior travelers. The tours not only include visits to major tourist attractions but also provide ample time between visits to relax and take strolls. The activities are optional, and the stay is extremely comfortable.

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